Obagi Nu-Derm the journey to my youngest possible skin…..Week 6

Week 6 should be the end of the “delete” stage of the Nu-Derm programme, when you can expect the peeling and redness to have stopped and the pigment on the skin should be significantly reduced, ready to start the next 6 week cycle, the “restart” phase. Let me stress the word SHOULD in that sentence. I have been told on more than one occasion in varying aspects of my life that I am “different”, generally this is said with an inflection of sympathy for those around me. It would seem that my skin has some idiosyncrasies of its own that it would like present and feels that this is the perfect time for its very own expo in how to be non-conformist.

Week 5 was amazing in terms of my skin health and it was with great excitement and the chariots of fire music playing on my inner monologue that I entered week 6. There I was a naïve fool believing that I had options in the way of maintenance programmes, that I would not need the full 18 weeks to tame the problems with my skin, I am a trailblazer, a maverick with super skin. The sound effect I would like you to imagine going along with the next statement is the noise played on family fortunes to accompany an answer so ridiculous that the host is forced to reply “if it’s up there, I’ll give you the money myself”, UR ERRRRRR and a huge flashing X! Week 6 brings with it a return to peeling and hue of pink that any self-respecting sow would be proud of. I had not banked on this. The peeling is nothing like I experienced in the first few weeks of the programme but totally out of the blue. It has however made up my mind that I need to continue on with the Nu-Derm system as it obviously still has work to do. I was so pleased with the appearance of my skin in week 5 that if this is only the interim result then it is worth persevering with the remaining length of the programme in order to get the maximum benefit from everything the system can achieve.

At the end of each 6 week cycle on the Nu-Derm programme Obagi recommend having a Blue Peel Radiance treatment to kick start the beginning of the next phase and it may just be that my skin is ready for that treatment and that is why I am experiencing the light flaking around my nose and mouth again. I intend on having the treatment at the beginning of week 7, so keep your fingers crossed for me that, that will clear the residual peeling in order to “restart” a whole new skin!

I have put together a baseline photo and a week 6 photo to show the improvement in the pigment and the tone of my skin. I hope the blog has been of some help in providing an insight into how Nu-Derm works and the stages you can expect to go through on the journey to your best possible skin.

Obagi nu derm

obagi nu derm

I will keep you informed of my progress at week 12 as I prepare to begin the “refresh and restore” stage.

Thanks for reading