Obagi Nu-Derm the journey to my youngest possible skin…..Week 18

Well it’s been a long journey but here is the final installment of my blog:

Week 18

Let me begin by apologising  for the hiatus between weeks 6 and 18 of the blog, the clinic has been extraordinarily busy and the 6 weeks school holiday played havoc with my personal free time.

When I left you I was at the end of week, and I had started to peel again, but was hopeful that my Blue Peel Radiance treatment would remove any excess flaking in order to boost my skin in to the “restart” phase of the programme. Wow, was I wrong!

Initially after the peel my skin felt the softest it had ever felt, possibly since birth. This was however as short lived as one of Jordan’s marriages and by the morning following the treatment my peeling had gone into overdrive.

This peeling lasted well into week 12 and my next peel treatment only acted as a catalyst for even more peeling. I wouldn’t have believed it possible for any one person to have this much dead skin on the whole of their body, let alone a solely on their face. The pigment I was so desperately fighting against for willing to go a full 12 rounds with me, and I wasn’t about to give up.

I persevered through a break away with the family in Devon; and let me tell you there are few things that sting quite like salt water on open skin. When it came to our holiday to Menorca I decided that as we only had carry-on luggage and as I have peeled consistently for 3 months, I deserved a break from being flaky and pink, so I only packed the cleanser, toner and SPF in my see through plastic bag and left the active products at home. It didn’t take long for my skin to return to a normal colour and texture, and I was really careful to keep my SPF topped up, wear a hat and sit in the shade. I had no tan to speak of when we came home and not just because we had torrential rain for 4 of our 7 days, I was a living advert for being sun safe. Regardless of this I still picked up a few freckles which have yet to go back down.

So, today I am off Nu-Derm after 18 weeks and in limbo as to what to do next, there are so many choices and protocols that would be suitable for my skin that I am having trouble deciding which one is best for me to move on to. I could go for CRX to keep my skin fresh and bright or I could move on to 360 with retinol for mild anti-aging or I could stay on nu-derm and reduce the frequency of my active products to keep peeling at bay and treat all major skin concerns in one system.

As Nu-Derm goes, would I do it all over again if I had known just how intense it was going to be? Yes, I would. Even though I peeled beyond anyone’s expectation and for the entire duration of the programme, my results have made it all worthwhile. I have seen genuine transformation in my skin. The pigmentation is dramatically reduced, my fine lines and wrinkles are visibly diminished and the tone and texture of my skin is the best it has been in years.

If there is a specific treatment you would like me to road test on your behalf, so that you can get a real perspective on how it all works and what to expect please feel free to contact me on fayem@thefaceandbodyshop.co.uk