Obagi Nu-Derm the journey to my youngest possible skin…..Week 5

It dawned on me yesterday that I have two weeks before I take part in the Manchester to Blackpool bike ride and so I schedule in a practice session to test my legs. I apply my SPF to protect whilst I’m out and will do my full morning routine when I get back. The AM products have to be on the skin for at least 4 hours to make sure they achieve the penetration depth they need so it will still have plenty of time on the skin before I need to apply the PM products.

The bike ride over to Hebden Bridge not only tested my legs but also my will to live. I hit a physical wall in Heyside and whistled for my husband, a mere blip on the horizon by this point, to stop. He understood the seriousness of my situation when I begged him to buy me a Lucozade and a Mars Bar. Years of experience in the field of my behaviour had taught him that this was not a drill or a test, I was in serious need of a sugar rush and this time he would not be berated in the future for letting me have the glucose and calorie hit I requested. I don’t think I even chewed the Mars Bar, I inhaled it like a Gremlin being fed after midnight. I managed to make it home! It was no longer morning and if there had not been a date indicator on my watch I wouldn’t even have been sure it was the same day, but I still had the necessary time and energy to apply my AM routine, and my skin has stood up to the ride much better than my legs, bum and mental state. We had cycled through, wind, rain, fog and sun but my skin still looked radiant. A shallow victory, but I’ll take it!

obagi skin care system week 5

Day 2
I decide to change my exercise today and go swimming, I really enjoy swimming but haven’t really been since week 3 when my face was still peeling and the chlorine made it feel very tighter and more uncomfortable than it already was. Being of the belief that the peeling was behind me I felt it is once more safe to venture into the water.

Day 3
It seemed like I had gotten away with it, the perfect crime, exercise and good skin. It was not to be, and today the peeling has found a winning return to form. I have an awards bash to attend tomorrow and would rather not peel all over the venue. Fingers crossed for not only a FAB, but also a facial win on the night

Day 4
A nerve wrecking night at the Skills for Business Awards and my skin has managed to hold out on what is the hottest day of the year so far. Lisa and I are joined by Maxine Parfitt our sponsor from Tameside College at The Point at Old Trafford, sharing our table with several other nominees. As I sit and try and explain to the gentleman next to me that when I mentioned body shop, it was the beauty kind and not as he had assumed the motor vehicle kind, we are announced WINNERS! Euphoria, an amazing night had by all, backed by the reassurance that should we fail to make it in beauty, we could still pass as panel beaters in a very different kind of body shop.

week 5 awards

Week 6 on the horizon and with the home straight, I now have to decide where to go maintenance wise from this point, I still have a week, I’ll decide later!