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The aging process involves various dimensions. Each one needs a specific anti-aging treatment. Expression wrinkles are treatable with Botox. Fat resorption/ volume loss are treatable with HA fillers. Sagging tissues used to be only treatable surgically. Resorbable threads made a revolution in non-surgical aesthetics & offer nowadays a new alternative to treat saggy areas in the face and body without undergoing the hassle of a surgery, with minimal downtime and almost zero pain.

Dr Kinsella - Silhouette Soft

How does it work?

ThreadLifting is a medical aesthetic technique that produces visible lifting effects.

  • Threads work on sagging tissues of the face & body.
  • The technique is atraumatic and consists of inserting needles of different length and size that release a resorbable thread inside the skin.
  • Sutures are carried out either with a polymer of caprolacton – PDO or with Poly-L-Lactic acid, both extremely safe & made to last for about 15/24 months.
  • It is possible to see some immediate results right after insertion. However, the revitalising/lifting effect begins 45/60 days following the procedure.
  • After thread resorption, the lifting effect does not disappear thanks to the fibrous reaction and collagen begins production induced by the barbed thread.

What makes threads extremely efficient & safe in tissue lifting?

  • The resorption of the thread is an Hydrolitic Enzymatical Process;
  • Absolutely not allergenic;
  • Threads are mainly done with PDO or Poly-L-Lactic acid, both safe and similar to material used in sutures, widely used in surgery.
  • Effectiveness of result lasts for around two years and technique is perfectly renewable.

Threads have best lifting action induced by a double mechanism

Mechanique Traction and tightening of tissues. Moreover, they offer tissue Endogenous Biostimulation: After insertion, threads promote collagen and elastine production+Neoangiogenesis (Build-up of new tissues).

What are main advantages/uses of threads?

  • Full face definition: wrinkles, jawline, neck cleavage, chin, lower face, cheek sharpening / lifting.
  • Browlift.
  • Face rejuvenation.
  • Body definition: Many body areas are now treatable with revolutionary body threads: Breasts, arms, abdomen, knees, thighs. These are mainly indicated for people who have experienced a dramatic weight loss (i.e after a bariatric surgery). In that case threads are extremely useful for the tummy, thighs, breasts & arms. Threads are also extremely used for women after childbirth (tummy lift).


  • Auto-immunological disease
  • Hematological disorders
  • Skin Cancer of the treated area
  • Skin Erythema
  • Permanent fillers -not clearly defined
  • Cheloids or cheloids tendency
  • Acute inflammatory disease
  • Pregnancy


Before & after the treatment:Biostimulation of the skin with elastin, DMAE, Vit C an B Complex.

Precautions after Treatment

  • No smoking, alcohol consumption for about 72 hours following procedure.
  • Avoid exercise (10-15 days).
  • Avoid sources of heat / steam.
  • No sudden movement of treated areas (especially neck and jawline).
  • HA filler can also be used in combination to enhance the effect.

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