New Product! Medik8 White Balance Cleanse

We have a new product for you to try at the FAB Clinic! Medik8 White Balance Cleanse – our new, ultimate brightening, powder-to-foam exfoliating cleanser!

Gentle yet effective exfoliating cleanser

Medik8 is a gentle but effective daily exfoliating cleanser, infused with OXY-R (Oxyresveratrol) to offer dual cleansing action to the skin helping to improve the appearance of pigmentation, uneven skin tone and blotchiness. Its unique powder texture changes into a light foam instantly, leaving skin bright, smoother and deeply cleansed!

White Balance Cleanse in a nutshell

– Unique transforming powder-to-foam texture
– Provides a dual cleansing action to the skin – cleansing and exfoliation with physical micro-exfoliators and hydroxy-acid (gluconolactone) chemical action
– Contains Oxy-R – a powerful skin brightening agent to help inhibit melanin
– Can be used every day as it gently removes dead skin cells and impurities without drying the skin
– Leaves your skin smooth, brighter and deeply cleansed
– Improves uneven skin tone
– Ideal for holidays & travel!

Why Medik8 White Balance Cleanse is better than other cleansers

– White Balance Cleanse has a dual action to the skin (cleansing + exfoliation)
– Gentle enough to be used daily
– Contains a blend of strong brightening ingredients – Oxy-R (Oxyresveratrol), N-acetylglucosamine and Gluconolactone

medik8 white balance cleanse

Why you should cleanse your skin

Cleansing your skin should be the first process in your skin care routine as it helps remove excess oil and makeup. By following a gentle facial regime you encourage your skin’s natural renewal process and will leave your skin smooth and bright. Without exoliation/cleansing, dead cells accumulate at the surface of the skin, making it appear dry, rough and dull.

Find out more about our new Medik8 White Balance Cleanse, call the FAB Clinic on 0161 627 1114