Dermal Roller


Also known as skin needling, dermal roller is a safe, non-ablative procedure which visibly regenerates and restores ageing skin and helps to reduce the appearance of common skin conditions, such as atrophic scars, enlarged pores and uneven skin tone.

In non-ablative therapies, the aim is to induce new collagen synthesis without the need to remove the epidermis, making dermal roller treatments appropriate for all skin types.

What are the benefits of dermal roller treatments?

If used regularly, Skinrolla can provide noticeable improvements in the following skin conditions:

– Fine Lines
– Wrinkles
– Sun Damage
– Large Pores
– Hyperpigmentation
– Acne Scarring
– Injury Scarring
– Stretch Marks
– Uneven Skin Texture

How do dermal roller treatments work?

Skin needling is an incredibly simple procedure that has been clinically successful in improving various complaints for all skin types. It provides a non-invasive treatment option for achieving a smooth, rejuvenated complexion.

The treatment involves working a slim barrel holding precisely distributed rows of micro-needles across the surface of the skin. These needles puncture the epidermis, instigating a safe wound-healing response that incites healthy collagen growth and elastin synthesis.

Each Skinrolla is individually wrapped and sterilised for safe, hygienic use. The 192 needles on the barrel range from 0.5mm to 3mm in length and have been specifically designed for the utilisation of skin experts only.

The result is smaller pores, softened imperfections and a revitalised, youthful look to the skin. Products are also absorbed easier, raising the level of moisture retained within the skin and therefore protecting even further against the signs of ageing.

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